My name is Kim Gunnarsson, currently working as a developer and consultant in Stockholm, Sweden.

Been writing software professionally since 2007, primarily focusing web based solutions, and been involved in nearly 100 different projects during this time span. Often working in a combined roles, varying from frontend and backend technologies to data modeling, UX/UI and project workflows.

I value my code clean, robust and maintainable regardless where in the stack it might run. A keen learner with a bit of a need for sharing knowledge.

A self-made developer, started building my first website in my pre-teens, ending up with first paying job at the age of fourteen. Back then the websites where written in pure HTML, CSS and Javascript, utilizing server-side scripting languages such as Active Server Pages (ASP) and PHP. Today, the stack mainly consists of Javascript interfaces with .NET backends. Preferably loosely coupled.

Microsoft Certification Badges