Hello! I am Kim Gunnarsson. A software developer in Stockholm, Sweden. And this is my website.

My professional journey started in 2007, after years of tinkering by myself and doing web development as a side-gig. Since then, I have participated in both small and large scale projects over longer and shorter periods.

I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. Passionate about software architecture, software development, software delivery, and operations; the whole DevOps shebang. I am an advocate of continuous improvements and investing in personal and professional growth is very important to me. The type of books I am reading could be an indicator of what I am currently pondering about.

You can find me on Twitter and Github.

This blog is my personal blog, which is entirely independent of my employer. Opinions stated here are my personal and do not necessarily represent my employers or affiliates’ positions, strategies, or opinions in any way.

Technical details

The blog is built with Hugo and hosted by Netlify. Forestry is used as a headless CMS. Privacy focused website analytics provided by Fathom.