I am currently working with the category functionality in EPiServer and ran into a small hiccup with the new CategoryRepository introduced in EPiServer CMS 8. Nothing large, just a small heads up if you are working with a site where your editors are using and updating categories.

A small but infuriating thingie and visually wrongful mapping.


When working in Admin mode, updating, creating and doing your every day category stuff; you might notice the column names. In particular the columns Name and DisplayName.

EPiServer category list in English

When also using the UI in Swedish it becomes even more confusing:

EPiServer category list in Swedish

So what’s wrong here besides the duplicate translation issue?

Well; DisplayName does not exist in the new <strong>CategoryRepository</strong> which was introduced and aimed for replacing the old way of working with categories.

It’s now mapped at column CategoryDescriptionin tblCategory and hence it´s getter is accessed by CategoryRepository.Get(categoryId).Description.

Developers – fine, we can live with that. But from an editor/admin point of wiew – not so much.


As a godsend the following blog post by Mattias Olsson appeared to the rescue: Translating the EPiServer UI.

Put the following in ~/langand the labels now adds up to reality. And causes less confusion.

Giving this as a result:

Fixed EPiServer category list in English

And in Swedish:

Fixed EPiServer category list in Swedish