1. Episerver Find UnifiedSearchFor with configurable operator

    When using UnifiedSearch in Episerver Find, I prefer to use the method IClient.UnifiedSearchFor() because it takes care of necessary logic without exposing implementation details, rendering in lower risk of introducing bugs and unwanted behaviour.
  2. Generic EditorDescriptor for custom SelectionFactories

    We are extensive users of the feature of implementing custom selection factories by using the EditorDescriptor-attribute in Episerver. The use-case is quite simple and provides the editor with the ability to single select a value within multiple alternatives using a drop down.
  3. Using page properties as dynamic properties

    Sometimes in EPiServer you need properties that inherit values.Dynamic Properties is great for that, but as Anders Hattestad claims (and proposes a solution), it’s a bit tricky working with these in EPiServer CMS 7+ versions.